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Dark of the Moon
I just scored a primo seat to the Feb. 3 Mac concert!!! OMG I'm actually going to see them live!!! It's kinda expensive -- $226.75, including tax & fees -- but I'm not totally hyperventilating about it because it's far from the priciest (umm, try like $300, $650, $750...) and it's SUCH a good seat. And I can always sell the ticket (at face value) if I really need the dough. Yippeeeeee!!!

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Blackwater employees get convicted, Iraqi Christians remain targeted, 'trend stories' continue, Iraqi Christians remain targeted, and more. Blackwater is in the news again today and it's due to the infamous September 16, 2007 attack in September 16, 2007. From the September 17, 2010 snapshot: Turning to the issue of violence, Sahar Issa (McClatchy Newspapers) reported Sunday that a Baghdad shooting (by private contractors) killed 9 Iraqi civilians and left fifteen more wounded. Later on Sunday, CNN reported, "In the Baghdad gun battle, which was between security forces and unidentified gunmen, eight people were killed and 14 wounded, most of them civilians, an Interior Ministry official said. Details were sketchy, but the official said witnesses told police that the security forces involved appeared to be Westerners driving sport utility vehicles, which are... (more)

Various Of Healthy Snacks for Your Children
Being happy in good health now plus in the near future comes through moral habits and meals choices. Therefore, healthy consuming and healthy habits instilled into children are important. Children who learn to consume healthy food items at an early age group are more likely in order to choose nutritious food with regard to a lifetime. As mother and father, we provide role versions for the children. In case, we want our kids to build up healthful eating habits we need to begin with yourself. If both parents take pleasure in eating healthful foods, actual chances are that children will copy their great food habits. Educating yourself regarding good nutrition will be really a major component of effective parenting. All of us are in a position to assist children to have a lot more control over their personal health with slim xtreme and to guide healthier. These people have to know regarding the effects that meals are wearing their wellness. They understand that they have the energy... (more)

Truth in Love
President Doofus
Link: President Doofus Author: Monty Pelerin Source: American Thinker - 10.22.2014 Doofus is an unusual but appropriate appellation for President Barack Hussein Obama. What Is A Doofus? "Doofus" is slang referring to a boob, for which the thesaurus lists the following synonyms -- idiot, nitwit, dunce, fathead, fool, goof, goon, imbecile, jerk. Some might argue that these synonyms may be inapplicable. Perhaps, but a diminishing percentage would argue that none are applicable. Such a characterization of the president five years ago might have seemed radical or harsh. Even the few who felt that way are probably surprised at the incomparable ineptness of Obama and his Administration. Our current situation should not surprise. There is a reason that any properly run organization requires qualifications for each job. Experience matters. No one hires a car mechanic to perform brain surgery. Why should it... (more)

What it may be.
People don't really know
Okay so I am generally a very calm and understanding person. I need to clarify that because I really need to BITCH about two people in my life and I am going to sound like the most insensitive bitch in the world. First off, Cary is a rude, self serving bastard. He comes from a very poor family (like I do) and unfortunately it didn't teach him anything. He is super greedy and is so disconnected with reality. Honestly, not everyone can have a sugar daddy who pays you just to allow him to have sex with you. When you tell me I should quit my job without having a backup when I have bills to pay is RIDICULOUS. I can't be the only one who feels that way. Plus, I know you think that you're clever but really you aren't. When you say something rude and expect us to take it positively, you are really wrong. God forbid I don't like a certain Tom Petty song or super hero movies. Seriously, everyone is different. I have different interests than you. Do I shove metalcore down your throat? No,... (more)

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